Wilhem's Escape


Wilhem is trapped in a room full of dangers


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Wilhem's escape is a little graphic adventure where the players have to try and escape from a room full of traps, and where almost anything could kill the protagonist.

At the beginning of the adventure, Wilhem begins unconscious, with just a coin in his hand. You'll have to decide whether to use the coin to buy either a can of soda or a lucky ball... and depending on what you choose, you might be able to advance throughout the game.

Players of Wilhem's Escape might meet their death in a variety of ways, from poisoning, to being crushed by an anvil, even by suicide. In fact, one of the highlights of the game is discovering all of the many different ways to die.

Wilhem's Escape is a short graphic adventure with lots of charm. The game's players must learn to survive one of the most dangerous rooms in the history of video games.
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